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Avoid the Cookie Cutter Approach to Equipment Maintenance Management

Publication: Premier, Inc. Member Network, December 2016

Topic: One Size Doesn't Fit All in Equipment Maintenance Management 

3 Reasons Why the Death Star Needed Coverage

Publication: Becker's Hospital CFO, November 2016

Topic: It's Not Good Business to Forego Equipment Service Agreements 

A Checklist for Success

Publication: TechNation, September 2016

Topic: What You Need to Boost the Bottom Line

The Nitty Gritty: A Practical Checklist for Equipment Service Providers Interviews

Publication: TechNation, July 2016

Topic: Questions to Ask When Looking for a New Vendor

Taking the Mystery Out of Equipment Updates and Upgrades

Publication: TechNation, June 2016

Topic: Eliminate the Grey Area When Defining Updates and Upgrades

Plugging Profit Leaks

Publication: Health System Management, May 2016

Topic: How to Detect and Prevent Profit Leaks in Equipment Maintenance Plans

Must-Ask Questions about Response Time Guarantees

Publication: TechNation, May 2016

Topic: Response Time Expectations vs. Reality

Forget the Customer...For Now

Publication: TechNation, April 2016

Topic: Internal Customers and the Toxic Employee

To Pull the Plug or Not

Publication: TechNation, March 2016

Topic: How to Determine Equipment End-of-Life

5 Hacks to Reading Equipment Service Contracts

Publication: TechNation, February 2016

Topic: Deciphering Service Contract Legal Language

Apple Gets It!

Publication: Becker's Health IT & CIO Review, January 2016

Topic: Get the Customer Service You Deserve

You Didn't Win the Lottery...Now What?

Publication: TechNation, January 2016

Topic: Save Money & Keep the Services Needed

Behind 'Frenemy' Lines

Publication: TechNation, January 2016

Topic: Relationships with Service Providers

What do donuts and equipment service contracts have in common?

Publication: Becker's Hospital CFO, October 2015

Topic: Equipment Service Contract Pitfalls

Do equipment repair bills keep you up at night?

Publication: Healthcare Finance News, June 2015

Topic: Risks of Foregoing Equipment Service Contracts

Beware of Response Time Guarantees

Publication: Laboratory Equipment, May 2015

Topic: Customer Expectations vs. Agreement Terms & Conditions

Escaping the Equipment Purchasing Maze

Publication: MedAssets Newsletter, May 2015, Purchased Services pg. 15

Topic: Tips to Consider Before Buying New Equipment

Prolong the lifecycle of your agency's equipment

Publication: American City & County, October 2014

Topic: How to Use Equipment After Deemed End-of-Life

The equipment service relationship - the customer is king...right?

Publication: DOTmed, August 2014

Topic: Get the Customer Service You Pay For

Negotiating Service Contracts

Publication: Lab Manager, December 2013

Topic: How to Get Favorable Service Contract Terms & Conditions

How to Read a Service Contract

Publication: Radiology Today, August 2013

Topic: Understanding Equipment Service Contract Language

How to Choose a Service Provider: Use a Checklist to Help

Publication: DOTmed, July 2013

Topic: Interview Service Providers Like They Are Applying For a Job

Why local and state governments need asset management

Publication: American City & County, January 2013

Topic: Asset Management Programs Save Time and Money