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The Best Life Advice …According to Kids

  • 8/17/2016 9:36:00 AM
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The Best Life Advice …According to Kids

On April 28th, Remi participated in its second Bring Your Kids to Work Day. This event is always a hit here – the employees love to show off their kids, grandkids, or godchildren and the kids love to spend the day at Remi’s headquarters in Charlotte, NC. This year, we had 20 kids join us for the day; the average age was 8, but ages ranged from 5-11 years old.


This year’s theme from Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation was “Sparking AHA! Moments.” The idea was to get kids thinking creatively – how to solve problems, work with different types of coworkers and customers, and have fun.


During a rotating schedule, the kids either sat with their parents or participated in a group activity. Parents were encouraged to explain in detail what they do and how their role plays a part in company operations, introduce the kids to their coworkers, teach the kids about working on a team, and demonstrate the importance of business etiquette. During group activities, the kids decorated picture frames, created a new company banner, played bingo, and went for an energy-burning walk. Lunch was catered by the always delicious Chick-fil-A.


We also took lots of photos – there are family photos, action shots, and pictures of the kids using a whiteboard to answer silly questions. You can watch the funny photo music video on Remi’s YouTube Channel.



At the end of the day, all the kids were asked to write down the best advice their parents, grandparents, or godparents had given them. As you can imagine, the results were pretty amusing. Below is the best life advice…according to kids!


  • Be a good sport. Beckett, 5
  • Be friends with everyone. Skylar, 5
  • Be very nice and happy. Isaac, 8
  • Finish the food on your plate because there are lots of kids who don’t have food to eat. Aryn, 6
  • Take good care of your things because you will not always be able to replace them. Morgan, 8
  • Take care of my dog so I don’t get in trouble. Wyatt, 5
  • Always focus on your work and always have fun when you play. Lauren, 8
  • Always be yourself. Emily, 11
  • Go to college and don’t drop out. Ethan, 10 (Bonus advice: Don’t do drugs. Try your best.)
  • Loyalty and family first. Clark, 11
  • Use common sense. Cameron, 8
  • Wear clean underwear. Elizabeth, 6
  • Ignore the haters and always be the bigger person. Christian, 11
  • Try your best even when you don’t feel like it. Addisyn, 10
  • Help my mom the best I can. Mason, 10
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated. Fiona, 9
  • Don’t play with the bad kids. Liam, 6


So there you have it – all of life’s best advice in one place. As a parent, you wonder if your kids are listening, if they’ll grow up to be nice people, and if they’ll work hard to make a good name for themselves. I think these kids nailed it! The advice given to the kids can and should be carried over into adulthood.


What’s the best advice you received as a kid? What’s the best advice you’ve given your kids? Share it with us; we’d love to hear from you!


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