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Lighten Up!

  • 10/20/2016 11:05:00 AM
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Lighten Up!

Some brave Remi employees just completed the third wellness initiative – a 6-month weight loss challenge called Lighten Up! A total of 22 people participated and 19 finished the grueling contest.


The competition was fairly simple. Each contestant agreed to an initial weigh in and then every two weeks thereafter for the duration of the challenge. To even the playing field, any weight lost (or gained) during each weigh in was compared to the initial weight and then converted to a percentage. Each contestant also threw $20 into the winning jackpot, totaling $440. The top two employees with the biggest percentage of weight lost won the Lighten Up! challenge. The prizes were the winning jackpot split 75/25 between first and second place, as well as a free vacation day and half day of vacation respectively.


First place was awarded to Kristen Childers, who lost 18.23%. Kristen (pictured below) took home $330 cash and has an extra vacation day to use this year. “I loved the accountability with the challenge and only focused on competing with myself.  My goal was for my number to never go up on the scale, and I was able to accomplish that every weigh in except one (I must have worn heavy clothes that day!).  I didn’t deprive myself of junk food, but I was aware of what I ate and would determine if the indulgence was worth the consequences on the scale…most of the time it wasn’t unless the temptation contained chocolate or I was tired and pizza delivery was the easiest way to feed my family!,” remarked Kristen.


Second place was awarded to Michelle Clark who lost 11.34%; Michelle took home $110 and was given a free half day of vacation. Both winners worked extremely hard…congratulations to them!! Overall, the group of participants did great. A total of 955.4 pounds were lost, which converts to 23.11% weight lost. Incredible!


Not every contestant was as fortunate as Kristen and Michelle…a handful learned some tough lessons over the six-month competition. For example, “Don’t have pizza and beer for dinner the night before you weigh in,” remarked Kelly Baker. Christi Peters kept it real, “Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug!” Others held steady and didn’t have any significant weight loss or gain. I think Ayla Holcomb said it best, “When everyone around me was changing, I decided to remain the same.” But my favorite quote was from Erin Reece, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”


The next wellness initiative will run from October through December and is called Burn Baby, Burn! The employees who were brave enough to sign up for the challenge are competing to see who can burn the most calories over the next three months. The biggest hurdles will be to resist the Halloween candy, say no seconds on pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving, and go easy on the egg nog during Christmas. Stay tuned for those results in January. 


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