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Survival 101: Working with Your Spouse

  • 11/9/2016 7:09:00 AM
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Survival 101: Working with Your Spouse

Marriage is like a walk in the park…Jurassic Park. This quip can be found all over the internet when searching for the pros and cons of working with a spouse. It’s funny because it’s true. Who else agrees?


Have you seen Jurassic World, a 2015 continuance of the original Jurassic Park classic from 1993? When it comes to working with your spouse, you don’t want to be like the two brothers, Gray and Zach, the heroine’s nephews. They ended up wandering around the park trying to find a safe place after the newest genetically modified attraction, Indominus Rex, escapes its containment and starts to wreak havoc on the island. You and your spouse need to be like Claire and Owen, the heroes of the film.


Besides being extremely good looking, Claire and Owen know how to work as a team and get things done – like save the island from the Indominus Rex, remain fairly unscathed, and fall in love. Below are the top five most important survival 101 tips for working with your spouse:

  1. Space – Just like barriers, very large, strong barriers, are needed between the Jurassic World dinosaurs and the park visitors, space is needed between you and your spouse. In other words, you each need your own working areas…that are not in same room. To get the full benefits, keep your distance throughout the day, but plan to meet for a coffee break, lunch, or dinner. If you work together on a project, pick a neutral space to toil while maintaining your separate offices.
  2. Money – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you and your spouse are entrepreneurs, test your product/service locally first to gauge interest. If you both work at the same company, have a side job or back up plan should something go awry. The owner of Jurassic Park, Masrani, was so eager to keep visitors coming back that he pushed scientists to create the biggest, scariest, most genetically modified dinosaur. He was so laser-focused on this one idea, that he didn’t consider the repercussions of his actions if something went wrong.
  3. Goals – Claire and Owen had common goals: stay alive, find Claire’s nephews, and stop the Indominus Rex on its killing rampage. Like Claire and Owen, you and your spouse need to decide on a common goal and then determine how you are going to get there. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses, then divide and conquer. Consider outsourcing tasks that neither of you are good at doing nor have the desire to tackle.
  4. Balance – Don’t let your work life affect your home life and vice versa. They are two different animals – or dinosaurs – and should be treated as such. When the two of you clock out for the day, dinner conversations should be on anything but work. If you remember in the movie, Claire was so consumed by work, she pawned off her nephews, Gray and Zach, on an assistant and then spent half the movie looking for them while being hunted by the Indominus Rex.
  5. Priorities – Above all else, marriage and family come first. It’s important to be each other’s biggest fans and remain respectful regardless of the situation or setting. You cannot get mad at your spouse for leaving work early to take the kids to soccer while you stay late and tie up any loose ends for the day. Just like in all good movies, most of the loose ends in Jurassic Park are tied up nicely in a bow and Claire and Owen walk away hand-in-hand in love.


So, there you have it. It is possible to survive working with your spouse, marriage, and even a walk through Jurassic Park. As for a movie sequel, there was one character who left the door open…the Tyrannosaurus from the original movie was alive and well.


Do you work with your spouse? How do you make it work? We’d love to hear your advice. Feel free to share the blog on social media and don’t forget to tag us!


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